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Econometrics & Time Series with SAS/ETS® Software

Integrated time series and econometric techniques for modeling, forecasting and simulating business processes

SAS/ETS offers a broad array of time series, forecasting and econometric techniques that enable modeling, forecasting and simulation of business processes for improved strategic and tactical planning. It can help you understand the impact that factors such as economic and market conditions, customer demographics, pricing decisions and marketing activities have on business.


  • Analyze the impact of promotions and events.
  • Provide the information needed to make better staffing decisions.
  • Model customer choices.
  • Measure and predict marketing investment activities.
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  • Time Series Forecasting System.
  • Full range of forecasting and time series methods.
  • Econometric analysis.
  • Time series data management and preparation.
  • Financial analysis.
  • Access to virtually any database.
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Studying the behavior of tax collection requires powerful analytical instruments so that we can have a good forecast, which is necessary to have a good flow of the budget.

— Andre Luis Grotti Clemente,

Director of Strategic Studies,

Public Administration School in Sao Paulo


SAS/ETS provides numerous techniques for time series, forecasting and econometrics.

Econometrics and Time Series with SAS/ETS
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How SAS Is Different

  • Industry leading SAS analytics deliver more accurate forecasts.
  • Data visualisation allows broader audiences to understand results of analysis.
  • Integration with multiple systems throughout the organisation allows for better analysis based on multiple factors.

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