Red Hat OpenShift and SAS are bringing the latest DataOps, AI and ModelOps capabilities to the leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, built for your open, hybrid cloud strategy.

The latest release is available on Red Hat OpenShift.*

SAS® Viya® is an AI, analytics and data management platform that runs on a modern, scalable architecture to enable better decisions, maximum value and faster outcomes.

*SAS Viya is currently available on Red Hat OpenShift on VMWare.


Why choose SAS® on Red Hat OpenShift?

Organizations aren't leaping to the cloud; they’re building bridges. In terms of migrating analytics to the cloud, a well-built bridge requires careful design and powerful technologies. SAS Viya on Red Hat OpenShift brings the best analytics, machine learning and AI apps to the leading multicloud platform, making the “build once, deploy anywhere” philosophy a reality.

Collaboration & Consistency

Consistent management across any infrastructure​

  • Ensure consistency among existing, modernized and cloud-native applications by migrating all analytics workloads to a consistent, cloud-native platform.
  • Break down silos between data science and IT operations with a common development platform that unites them, regardless of infrastructure choices.

Faster Deployment, Faster Value

Accelerated application & model deployment​

  • Expedite the analytics life cycle by blending DataOps, AI, ModelOps and DevOps. Automated workflows enable faster iteration, leaving more time for innovation.
  • Stay ahead of the competition by keeping applications fresh. Automated updates mean you always have access to the latest features in SAS Viya, no matter where it's deployed.

Ability to Run ModelOps Anywhere

Develop models & deploy them anywhere

  • Enable business analysts, IT and full-stack developers to create analytics applications using their preferred interface or programming language on a unified platform.
  • Scale model development and deployment workloads across the hybrid cloud, from on-site to the edge, and bring processing closer to the data.
Combining the flexibility and scalability of SAS’ No. 1 AI and advanced analytics platform with the portability of Red Hat OpenShift, the most secure implementation of Kubernetes on the market, moves digital transformation from drawing board to finishing the last mile. Jim Goodnight CEO SAS



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