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SAS Grid Manager

SAS® Grid Manager

Maximize availability and processing for your analytics environment


You need a flexible IT infrastructure – one that meets peak computing demands reliably and cost-effectively. Now you can create a shared, managed environment with workload balancing, high availability and parallel processing.


Meet changing business demands with dynamic workload balancing.

Easily reassign computing resources to meet peak workloads or changing business demands. SAS Grid Manager provides a central point of control for administering policies, programs, queues and job prioritization across multiple types of users and applications.

Create a highly available grid computing environment.

With multiple servers in a grid environment, jobs run on the best available resource. If a server fails, its jobs transition seamlessly to another server. You can perform maintenance on specific servers without interrupting analytic jobs. And add computing resources without disrupting the business.

Get faster results from your existing IT infrastructure.

Multiprocessing capabilities let you divide individual jobs into subtasks that are run in parallel on the best available hardware resource. Programs with large data sets and long run times, and those with replicate runs of independent tasks running against large data sets, are best-suited for parallel processing. Faster processing accelerates decision making across the enterprise.

Grow computing resources incrementally and cost-effectively.

Use all available computing resources now, then scale out cost-effectively as needed, adding capacity in single-processing units to keep IT spending in check. Because you can add low-cost commodity hardware resources incrementally, there's no need to size today's environment for what you anticipate your needs will be a few years from now.



SAS Grid Manager
  • A managed, shared environment. Delivers enterprise-class dynamic workload balancing for multiple users and applications.
  • High availability. Includes several high-availability capabilities for all critical services.
  • Grid-enabled SAS. Provides maximum processing efficiency with minimum user intervention.
  • Real-time monitoring and administration. Includes an interface for configuring and managing high-availability services.
  • A flexible infrastructure. Allows you to add computing resources as needed to meet changing demands.

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Bank of America
Without SAS, processing times would be longer, hedging decisions would be delayed and, ultimately, the bank would be behind the market.
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