Features List

SAS EVAAS for K-12 Features List

SAS EVAAS for K-12

  • Growth Reports: Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement for districts, schools, classrooms, and student groups.
  • Diagnostic Reports: Look beyond individual growth estimates to uncover growth and achievement trends with different types of learners.
  • Individual Student Projections: Proactively predict student success probabilities at numerous academic milestones.
  • Custom Interactive Scatterplots: Visualize the impact of various growth metrics and the students who are served.
  • Projection Reports: Summarize and customize reports on aggregate student information as needed to assist with educational planning.
  • Student/Teacher Equity Reports: Display gaps among student groups in terms of teacher characteristics such as student growth data.
  • Human Capital Reports: Examine hiring practice outcomes and support the search for educational talent.
  • Evaluation Dashboards: Present and summarize components of teacher evaluation as well as school and district accountability.
  • Educator Preparation Program Reports: Analyze and reveal insights into program effectiveness and educator preparation strategies.
  • Roster Verification: Capture validated student-teacher linkages for use in growth analysis.