Jake Jacobson

Suzanne Clayton

Trade Finance Risk Analytics Compliance Kit (TRACK)

SAS and EY entered into an exclusive contractual agreement in August 2016 to build a Trade Finance Risk Analytics Compliance Kit (TRACK). This agreement was executed in the form of a MASP where EY has the contract with the end customer. EY brings significant trade finance IP and credibility to the table, and SAS is the technology and analytics provider/expert in this solution.

In banking and capital markets, TRACK offers next-generation transaction monitoring to address the unique, complex risks in international trade finance. See the TRACK solution on the external EY website for detailed information.

Trade finance is the process of financing trade across the globe. TRACK is a sustainable operational platform that gives clients the ability to adhere and comply with constantly changing global regulations from the world’s monetary authorities and central banks. Similar to how AML is governed, these global authorities issue a body of rules and scenarios that focus on trade finance to identify and detect fraud, boycott, military dual use, and various forms of money laundering. 

Banking and capital markets institutions have a regulatory obligation to make sure they are not financing terrorism. TRACK is a text analytics/digitization intensive solution that helps to detect and prevent trade-based financial crimes.


Banking, Capital Markets

Focus Area
Anti-Money Laundering