SAS® Risk Management for Insurance

Perform risk analysis and risk-based capital calculations for Solvency II compliance

Implement the Solvency II standard model approach for calculating risk-based capital with our comprehensive solution for performing risk analysis and risk-based capital calculations. SAS Risk Management for Insurance is built on a robust data management and reporting platform that includes an insurance-specific data model for complex risk analytics.



Comply with Solvency II regulations.

Calculate standard model MCR and SCR requirements, and create regulatory and management reports required for Solvency II with a single solution that is both flexible and extendible to meet your evolving risk analysis needs.

Reduce volatility.

Improve risk decision strategies by gaining a greater understanding of how economic factors affect your balance sheet. You can ensure solvency by stress testing your assets and liabilities against sudden and/or dramatic changes in market conditions.

Gain a greater competitive advantage.

Better allocate risk-based capital charges so you can lower your premium rates. By optimizing your investment strategies, you can improve the performance of your investments. And reallocate capital and risk capacity as needed to take advantage of current and future business opportunities.

Perform more accurate risk analysis.

Reduce or even eliminate data inconsistencies with comprehensive data management capabilities that improve the quality of your data. An insurance-specific data model serves as a single source of information. And prebuilt data management capabilities enable the loading of data from the data model to the risk solutions.



  • Firmwide risk
  • Market risk management
  • P&C underwriting risk


  • Life underwriting risk
  • Risk data management
  • Risk reporting

It is … operational, management-based and executive all at the same time, because it allows for one business activity to be compared with another in terms of risk exposure, resource consumption and overall profitability.

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