Senior Customer Intelligence Consultant

Working with the Customer Intelligence (CI) Team within Pre-sales Department, the Pre-sales Customer Intelligence Consultant is responsible for assisting SAS sales teams during the positioning of the SAS Customer Intelligence solutions. The Pre-sales Customer Intelligence Consultant will take on assignments at key pre-sales milestones such as:


Sales and support activities:

  • Conduct CI pre-sales for:
    • Banking;
    • Retail;
    • Insurance;
    • Telco;
  • Preparation and presenting SAS CI solution at Customers’ offices;
  • Mapping SAS CI solutions functionality with exact business tasks of the customer and business consulting (business presentations for the customers and on public events, meetings with business guys at customer sites)
  • Developing business cases for the customers providing SAS solutions business value (ROI, NPV calculation)
  • Development CRM strategy for Customers:
    • Communication strategy identification with different target groups
    • Analytical model portfolio
    • Customer analysis (frequency, purchases, etc.)
    • Building business cases for the customers in MS Office providing SAS solutions business value;
  • Participation in functional and data architecture design;
  • Participation in business and functional requirements analysis during SAS solution implementation;
  • Running audits of SAS analytical solutions usage on the customer site;
  • Participation in SAS CI analytical pilots with customer data to provide with proved business results;


  • Knowledge of CRM database marketing techniques, including process, methodology and solutions understanding
  • Ability to build, present, defend and implement a business case for CRM process
  • Relevant experience 2-3 years in CRM/ CRM analytics;
  • Creativity (Ability to come up with new ideas in this area)
  • Ability to see the big picture (entire business cycle of the customer)
  • Ability to process large volume of customers’ data and external information (working with SAS data scientists)
  • Ability to learn fast;
  • Ability to meet deadlines even when working on multiple projects;
  • Ability to work in a multinational environment;
  • Good (English) writing and communication skills.