Retail Analytical Consultant

SAS Institute LLC is currently looking for an experienced professional for the position of Retail Analytical Consultant.

As a Customer Advisory Retail Analytical Consultant, you will help Customers in Retail and Manufacturing areas and influence many of the recommendations our clients need to positively change their businesses and enhance performance. You will work on complex and varied data sets from some of the world’s largest Retailers and Manufacturers to solve real world problems including:

  • Demand Forecasting for various planning activities including Supply Chain, Merchandising, Marketing, etc.
  • Optimization and Operation Research in
    • Inventory and Replenishment
    • Regular Price, Promo and Markdown
    • Size and Pack
    • Assortment
  • General Business Analytics, Statistics
    • Data preparation for analysis
    • Data quality management
    • Business reports based on analytics

What you’ll get

  • Experience in:
    • solving various real-world problems using advanced analytics
    • guiding companies through advanced analytics solutions to enhance performance
    • development and implementation of advanced analytics pipelines
    • development of cutting edge applied analytical methods in Retail and Manufacturing areas
  • Attractive compensation package, ability for professional and career growth, work in the friendly international environment

Typical activities

  • Understanding and development Customers’ needs
  • Development of analytical solutions for Customers based on their needs
  • Proof of Concepts projects realization: processing and exploring client data, translating business requirements and needs into analytic methods and technical requirements, building analytical models, developing analysis results reports and presenting reports to Customers
  • Work in collaboration with other departments: Data Integration and BI, Analytics, Antifraud, Financial Intelligence, Implementations, Education, Marketing, IT
  • Solution implementations participation as a Business Consultant and/or Analyst (as PoC, but large-scale systems implementation): preparing and conducting requirement gathering workshops, translating business requirements into analytic methods, data and technical requirements, exploring client data, building analytical models, developing results reports and presenting reports to Customers. Working as a part of Project team, which consists of Project Manager, ETL Consultants, BI Consultant, Architect, possibly Deep Analytical Consultant
  • Opportunity management, responsible for commercial proposals development managing consulting, education, headquarters resources. Being the key point of responsibility for proposal development for Account Executives
  • Internal resources development for both new and typical analytical tasks
  • Knowledge sharing: to get and share internally and with the clients information about analytical software news and roadmap through conferences, communication with headquarters, internal materials
  • Marketing: conferences participation with presentations, to conduct knowledge sharing workshops, brochure development, corporate site content management, articles


  • Extensive understanding of business processes for Retail or CPG company is obligatory
  • Extensive experience in the application of analytics (Forecasting, Optimization, Data Mining, Statistics and so on)
    • Forecasting expertise and experience are key for this vacancy
    • Optimization expertise and experience is important for this vacancy
    • Other analytical expertise and experience would be appreciated
  • Hands-on experience in Demand Planning, Inventory Management, Category Management, Price Management in Retail or CPG companies would be appreciated
  • Programming and general IT skills (ability to install and manage software)
  • Master's degree in Statistics, Applied Maths or closely related field
  • Good Presentation and Demonstration skills
  • Ability to communicate with people with different or no analytical background
  • Good written and spoken English
  • Travel as business requirements dictate at management discretion.
  • Working experience with analytical software (R, Python, SPSS) would be much appreciated