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SAS D[N]A Lab serves as an, open innovation platform for companies, start-ups and scale-ups with a positive impact on society. It supports projects in healthcare, academics, agrifood, nutrition, sports and climate change related domains; helping innovations to become ‘enterprise-worthy’ and ‘scalable-ready’.

A solid platform supporting your business is often not the first priority. While focusing on scaling-up your business, D[N]A Lab helps in building a robust data & analytics platform. Your Data & Analytics is our DNA.

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Novel-T and SAS team up to help innovate startups grow faster. SAS provides knowledge and resources in analytics and AI.

SAS D[N]A Café


In this exclusive Café we explored the value of synthetic data in developing models and operationalizin analytics.

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Podcast ‘AI for Real’ 
A co-production of D[N]A Lab and BNR Newsradio

In this Dutch podcast series 'AI for Real' we will show you how artificial intelligence can really make life better!
We want to inspire you with innovations and real-life cases supported by SAS D[N]A Lab. Get a sneak peek into the world of robotics, healthcare and soccer.

AI for Real: 

Is human-robot interaction the future? From smart charging station to production belt; AI technology is evolving

AI for Real:
The fight against cancer 

Surgical oncologist Geert Kazemier from Amsterdam UMC explains how smart algorithms are becoming more effective in the fight against cancer.

AI for Real:
Smart tech at the KNVB

Improved performance of profs, talent scouting, skeleton tracking and smart soccer fields. All innovations, enabled by AI.

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Take a look at the cool activities and innovations that show us how data and analytics empower us!

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