SAS® Consulting

SAS® Consulting

Partnering to solve your business challenges.

How SAS Consulting Helps You Reach – and Exceed – Your Goals

Discover how SAS Consulting uses its collective technical, domain and business expertise to help your organization successfully implement – and get the most out of – SAS® software.



SAS® services – maximize business value

SAS services provide a wide range of support options, tailored to your needs. From resolving issues to advancing your skills, our services enable you to reach your business goals. Our most successful customers work with SAS services. We help to ignite their imaginations, optimize their investments and deliver huge analytics-driven value to the business.

Let's talk where we – from consultants to trainers and technical specialists – can be of your assistance.

Core technology services

Our consultants and technical specialists support you in designing a solution that can scale from meeting specific use cases to transforming decision-making, revenues and competitive advantage across your organization.

Analytics and solution services

We collaborate with your IT professionals to quickly adopt SAS software and empower them with their SAS knowledge and skills to solve, explore and experiment with SAS everexpanding capabilities – and that can only mean more business value for you.

The goal? Enabling you to experience the power of SAS technology quickly.

Modernization and cloud services

We support you to modernize your analytics infrastructure step by step. Our assessment will show where you can benefit from the advantages of modernization for the cloud including the potential to: What is it? 

Support services

Customer service is as important to the smooth running of your business operations as the software itself. Our customers experience world-class support services. Select your preferred services from a broad range of standard, customized and premium offerings. 

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Enablement services

Learning should be designed to achieve your vision and address your organization’s unique challenges. We'll work with you to analyze your business needs, build career ladders and close skills gaps through customized learning solutions.

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Your business goals matter to you.
Helping you reach them matters to us.

No matter what your business goals are, SAS can help you achieve – or exceed – them faster. Our four decades of experience in analytics serves as the foundation of our consulting services. Highly skilled, certified consultants work alongside you to help you gain both immediate and long-term value from your SAS investment. We partner with you to understand your needs and goals, and to help you chart an optimal path to success.


We conduct thorough discovery and definition assessments, partnering with you to make sure we understand your business and technology needs. We then recommend innovative IT strategies and architecture services that will propel you toward success.


We collaborate with your IT professionals to expedite the installation and integration of your SAS software – including upgrades and migrations – while enabling rapid project start-up and information access. The goal? Enabling you to experience the power of SAS technology quickly.


We use our technology and solution expertise to deliver and implement your SAS software. Flexible training options get your staff up to speed fast, so they can experience the full benefits your SAS investment firsthand.

Business Solutions

Following implementation, we stay in touch to provide continuous guidance and coaching, ensuring that you get the most from your SAS investment. We align our solutions with your evolving business strategies, while delivering the highest quality of customer service available anywhere.

Why SAS Consulting?

We're dedicated to helping you get the most out of your SAS investment by:

  • Listening to you and applying our vast experience to provide a solution that meets your requirements.
  • Optimizing your operations by improving the quality of your systems, data and results.
  • Implementing and fine-tuning systems and processes to address your unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Partnering with you to fully understand your business and help you achieve your goals.

Additional Consulting Services

Business Analytics
Centers of Excellence

Establish an enterprise business analytics center of excellence, and turn data into a competitive advantage.

Partner Plus

Meet your on- or off-site staffing needs with highly skilled, cost-effective staff augmentation.

Results as a Service

Gain powerful analytical insights to make better decisions faster. You describe your business problem and provide the data; we deliver the results.


SAS Consulting has been with us throughout our analytic journey – whether it was advising us as we looked to establish our global analytic center of excellence, working alongside us as we consolidated and centralized our customer data, or configuring the SAS technology that has enabled us to transform our approach to marketing. Director of a global analytic center of excellence for a major travel services retailer

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