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Innovation projects

Here are some initiatives and projects associated with SAS D[N]A Lab


Novel-T and SAS team up to help innovate startups grow faster. SAS provides knowledge and resources in analytics and AI. 


Future of work fieldlab for cognitive robotics. RoboHouse and SAS work together on symbiotic robotics. Data & Analytics may help to develop healthy and productive relations between robots and workers., PW Consulting and SAS received an EU funding to reduce post-surgical infections in hospitals. The consortium will use the funding to scale and cost-effectively deploy PERISCOPE, the artificial intelligence solution of, across multiple hospitals. 


Syntho enables organizations to boost data driven innovation in a privacy preserving manner by providing AI software for generating synthetic data. SAS D[N]A Lab and Syntho together with the NL AIC started a study to demonstrate the value of synthetic data in the process of developing models and operationalizing analytics.

Aurea Imaging

Smart Farming ensures a profitable and sustainable future for agriculture. Aurea’s crop intelligence is the practical answer to real-world challenges, combining innovative deep learning technologies with drones and IoT sensors. SAS D[N]A Lab and Aurea collaborate on data processing and delivery.


How to measure, model and improve water quality? That's what Krill is all about. The Krill team is developing a collection of multi-purpose robots to measure, model and improve water quality, with the help of a swarm of autonomous small boats. 


Blyott is collaborating with SAS D[N]A Lab to streamline product and patient flows in Belgian hospitals to improve daily processes in intramural care. Blyott developed an open cloud platform that, in combination with sensors and BlueTooth locators, displays the exact location of each tagged medical device. 

Innovation projects

Here are some initiatives and projects associated with SAS D[N]A Lab:

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