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Public Safety & Criminal Justice

How SAS Is Used in Public Safety & Criminal Justice

Enable smarter investigations and better decisions for citizen safety.

Enhance law enforcement and public safety with a structured environment for collecting, managing and analyzing intelligence data.

Gather and manage intelligence, conduct complex investigations, and improve investigative processes and workflows.

Countering Human Trafficking with AI: An Interview

Featured Customer

Northern California Regional Intelligence Center

Fusion center’s fast access to quality intelligence helps combat crime, safeguard communities and protect national security.

By working with partners like SAS, we can bring all this disparate information together into a single, searchable interface where we can overlay and connect at the same time. Mike Sena Executive Director NCRIC & NC HIDTA

NCRIC Facts & Figures

1 of 80

fusion centers in the US


vetted NCRIC/NC HIDTA members


Bay Area counties within its area of responsibility

Other Public Safety & Criminal Justice Agencies Working Smarter With SAS

Delaware State Police

Florida Department of Corrections

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Innovate, protect and serve

See how governments are using analytics to solve public safety issues.


Analytics tackles the scourge of human trafficking

Learn how organizations are banding together to use data for good.


Keeping the Public Safe

Recognizing the realities of policing in today's world, SAS can help public safety organizations address their biggest challenges around data silos, redundant processes, resource shortages and transparency.

White Paper

Fusion Centers: Evolving Roles, Expanding Capabilities, Continuing Challenges

Explore how fusion centers – having evolved far beyond their original role in counterterrorism to safeguard and serve the public on many fronts – succeed in their missions, both today and tomorrow.

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Governments adapting to change

Top tips for shifting to an enterprise analytics strategy

Solution Brief

Improve investigational outcomes using data-driven insights and decisions

Learn how SAS can help with a tool that delivers trusted data and results when time matters, whether investigators are proactively preventing crime or reactively solving crimes that have occurred.

Solution Brief

Law enforcement and public safety crime insights

Learn how SAS can deliver faster insights from NIBRS data to help solve and prevent crime.

Solution Brief

Location intelligence for government

Discover how you can make evidence-informed policy and administrative decisions using location-based data.

Solution Brief

Child sexual exploitation online investigation

Learn how SAS is empowering investigators of child sexual exploitation to do more in less time and with less stress and trauma, so that more children are found and protected faster.

Solution Brief

Design and evaluate data-driven policies and programs to reduce recidivism

Learn how SAS can help you identify specific factors most likely to improve outcomes for individual offenders in order to reduce recidivism.


Bridging the Gap in Diversity, Data Literacy, and Responsible AI

SAS is supporting the 30x30 Initiative – a push to increase women in police recruitment classes to 30% by 2030.

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