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Make evidence-informed policy decisions and gain a holistic view of agency operations with public sector finance analytics

Analytics Solutions for Public Sector Finance

Discover how SAS analytics solutions can help you gain a 360-degree view of policy impacts, detect fraud, measure risk and improve programs that benefit the people you serve.

How SAS Is Used in Public Sector Finance

Ensure good stewardship of revenue collection and disbursement activities.

Understand the economic impact of different policy alternatives.

Detect fraud, waste and abuse to gain a realistic and holistic view of agency operations.

Monitor credit conditions predicated on published economic and financial data to improve risk forecasting.

Featured Customer

Malta Tax and Customs Administration

The Malta Tax and Customs Administration automatically detects compliance discrepancies and filing errors with SAS® Viya®.

The initiative underway foresees a modernization of tax legislation, a true digital transformation encompassing new processes, new skills and advanced analytics systems, with a forward-looking perspective that includes adoption of artificial intelligence-based systems. Pierre Vella Project Leader, Reform Team Malta Tax and Customs Administration

Malta Tax and Customs Administration Facts & Figures

€5.1 billion

total 2022 tax revenue


of 2022 government revenue from taxes and social contributions


Malta population

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