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Learning analytics and other in-demand skills can launch countless career opportunities, which is why SAS supports academic initiatives for both students and educators.


SAS provides free resources to help you learn new technologies, earn certifications and integrate analytics into the courses you teach.


We help you gain in-demand analytics skills that open doors to your future. Our courses, certifications and career resources get you started.

Four reasons to build your
data analytics skills with SAS

Are you looking to broaden your data analytics skills to land your dream job? Here are four reasons why now is the perfect time to build your skills in data analytics using SAS.

Our graduates receive thorough data training that enables them to identify issues in the real world and articulate solutions to organisational leaders. They are knowledgeable and equipped to handle any analytics challenges. How did we do it? We incorporate SAS into our syllabus because with SAS you may develop stronger curricula and pedagogies that include all the analytical abilities that graduates should possess. Angela Lee Siew Hoong Professor, Data Science Head, Department of Computing and Information Systems School of Engineering and Technology, Sunway University, Malaysia Winner Distinguished SAS Educator Award Asia Pacific 2021

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5 Top Trends in the Data Analytics Job Market

Data analytics jobs have been well paid and in high demand for some time. But there are five trends worth paying attention to.

Why get SAS Certified?

Learn how a student, an educator, and a research professional all benefit from their SAS certifications. Plus, get tips for beginning your journey to certification.

Learn to use data in everyday life.

Our data literacy courses teach you skills for understanding and using data – at school, at work and at home.


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    Our academic specialization program can benefit your institution – and help your students pursue a future in analytics.


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    Analytics skills are in high demand. Learn SAS, add digital badges to your résumé, and find jobs that closely align with your skill set.


    Explore Amazing Careers in Analytics

    Whether they just landed their first job or decided to pivot midcareer, these data scientists, developers, educators and analysts all found their way to careers they love. Find out how they got there.