Access the power of SAS from a point-and-click Windows interface.

Empower users to be self-sufficient with guided access to the analytical power of SAS.

Provide a self-service analytics environment that liberates IT.

SAS Enterprise Guide integrates an extensive array of analytics with the power of SAS software in an efficient, user-friendly graphical user interface application. Business analysts can produce their own analyses and distribute reports, freeing IT to focus on other strategic projects.

Enable easy – yet secure – access to enterprise data sources for different users.

Our solution guides users so they can quickly access data for analysis, schedule projects, share results and easily embed output for repeated use – including access to advanced analytics and other SAS capabilities. A centralized, IT-managed role-based security system ensures that users have appropriate corporate data access privileges, which empowers them to react quickly to evolving business conditions.

Distribute interactive content to Microsoft Office and web users.

The ability to develop and deploy customized tasks lets users extend core functionality to create easily distributed custom wizards. Easily deliver information and publish dynamic, interactive content to Microsoft Office and web users.


An easy-to-use menu- and wizard-driven tool for analyzing data and publishing results. 

Guided analysis & reporting

Includes a graphical interface that provides easy access to SAS data integration, preparation, analytics and reporting, while process flows help you visually organize and maintain your projects.

Visual data access & management

Provides transparent access to SAS and external data, with the ability to export results to other Windows and server-based applications – making it easy for management to consume SAS in a familiar environment.

Result distribution & sharing

Lets you distribute results by publishing to multiple channels, including the SAS BI report/content repository, the SAS Stored Process Server, printers, Microsoft Office documents and email.

Administration & security

Provides automated management of the computing grid with dynamic load balancing, resource assignment and job prioritization when deployed with SAS Grid Manager.

High-performance computing, grid enablement

Automatically detects availability of a grid environment for more efficient processing. Lets you configure process flow branches to run in parallel on different grid nodes.

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Getting Started With SAS® Enterprise Guide®

Getting Started With SAS® Enterprise Guide®

No programming experience? No matter. This e-learning course – SAS Enterprise Guide 1: Querying and Reporting – focuses on using the menu-driven tasks in SAS Enterprise Guide to access, manage and summarize data from different sources, and present results in reports and graphs.

SAS® Enterprise Guide® Support Community

SAS® Enterprise Guide® Support Community

Whether you're new to SAS Enterprise Guide or are a longtime user, the SAS Enterprise Guide Support Community is the perfect gathering place for those looking to solve problems, share insights and learn best practices for using SAS. You'll find content suitable for novices and experts alike. Join today. The community of SAS experts is there to help you succeed. 

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