Moving Forward with Resilience

See the future with confidence, bounce back stronger and stage a confident recovery with AI and analytics.

The race is on to vaccinate.

The safe, speedy delivery of vaccines to those who benefit the most will depend on trusted analytics – to identify priority populations, monitor capacity and efficacy, manage challenging supply chain logistics, and analyze future projections.

COVID-19 Public Dashboard

This report uses SAS® Viya® to visualize continually updated metrics and data trends related to the status of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world.


SAS® Modeling Environments

Analyze outbreak data from trusted sources, search from over 50,000 coronavirus documents, or run virus projection scenarios based on stages of the epidemic.


Stay informed about how analytics is uncovering the insights that will reshape tomorrow.

Long-term success after disruption comes from building resilience informed by AI and analytics. Knowledge, driven by trusted data, is empowering. We can build resilience by making decisions faster, more cost-effectively and at scale with cloud-based analytic and AI solutions.

Five ways your organization can enhance resilience for years to come.

Resilience in the face of unpredictability.

Resilience calls for a strong recovery beginning with an effective response built on AI and analytics. The world was caught off guard. Being resilient means having the capabilities to carry on despite unpredictable events. And to orchestrate a stronger recovery with analytics applied to the data driving the online world.

Analytics traces databases in real time to break the chain of transmission faster – helping safeguard public health while getting communities and businesses back on their feet.

Contact Tracing Driven by Analytics.

Solutions for Industries

Some AI and analytics applications are better suited for different impacts from the coronavirus outbreak. They all involve data, discovery and deployment. Explore the possibilities for your industry.

The Economist Intelligence Unit Global Business Barometer (GBB)

Explore how organizations around the world are coping with COVID-19 while planning for recovery and the future. All content from the GBB is sponsored by SAS.

SAS Business Continuity Management Program

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