Ricardo Galante
Senior Analytics Customer Advisor

Professional that has over 18 years of experience in analytics, with solid background in statistical, data mining and text mining techniques and also large experience in SAS programming language, SAS solutions, R, Python, Weka, Statistica and others tools. 

I am Spearhead in Analytics at SAS Institute, leading analytics initiatives and providing knowledge to specific situations and Pre Sales Consultant at the Sales Division where I support the Sales Team developing solutions to customers that focus on statistical modeling, forecast, CRM, data mining, text mining and so forth. 

As a Customer Advisory, I work in different industries such as Retail/CPG, Bank, Insurance, Health Care, Government, etc. In these industries, I always supported the sales team and led the initiatives related to advanced analytics. 

Parallel to my professional activity I am a PhD Student in Statistics at University of Lisbon and a visiting lecturer. 

  • at the European University - Portugal at the Postgraduate course Marketing Analytics and
  • at University of Lisbon n the Discipline Linear Models - Master in Applied Mathematics

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Speaker engagements

2020Analytics Webinar SeriesOn-Demand WebinarSAS
2020Analytics for Data Scientist Unstructured DataOn-Demand WebinarSAS
2020Demand ForecastingOn-Demand WebinarSAS
2020Orchestration and Operationalization of Predictive ModelsOn-Demand WebinarSAS
2020Intelligent DecisioningOn-Demand WebinarSAS