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Accelerate productivity with generative AI orchestration and large language model (LLM) governance

Generative AI From SAS

LLMs alone do not accomplish business tasks. Achieve real value by using SAS Viya to integrate LLMs into your business and industry processes, explain their results and govern their life cycle.

Explore GenAI solutions tailored to your industry​

Our extensive, trusted industry experience can help you maximize your GenAI investments for greater productivity.

Public Sector

Streamlining government regulatory responses with natural language processing, GenAI and text analytics

Health Care

Three ways generative AI can level the field with health care fraudsters

Life Sciences

Synthesizing data – Putting the ‘generate’ in generative AI for life sciences


Exploring the risks and opportunities of generative AI for insurance


From evolution to revolution: The transformative effect of generative AI in banking


Why accurate predictive maintenance requires digital twins

Available in private preview

SAS Data Maker - Correlation car data

Unlock the potential of existing data using a low-code/no-code interface to augment or generate synthetic data quickly

SAS Generative AI - Viya Copilot

Accelerate AI and business tasks with GenAI-powered assistants

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Solution Brief

Accelerate productivity with generative AI and SAS Viya


Generative AI: What it is and why it matters

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