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SAS® Asset Performance Analytics

Maximize your high-capital assets and facilities by avoiding unplanned downtime.

Keep high-capital assets running at maximum efficiency to meet production goals and boost profitability – without increasing costs or risking failure. Predict problems in advance with machine sensor data that feeds to analytical models. And when there is a problem, diagnose it with root-cause analysis tools so you can take corrective action quickly.



Maximize output.

Meet production deadlines and revenue goals with fewer unplanned disruptions. Status dashboards and automatic alerts notify operations staff and managers of impending failure, so you have time to identify issues and fix them – before they turn into costly problems.

Optimize maintenance cycles.

Move toward predictive and prescriptive maintenance strategies to address known sources of failure and performance degradation without driving up costs. Avoid costly just-in-case preventative part replacements by identifying leading indicators of breakdowns.

Improve root-cause analysis.

Quickly and accurately identify root causes using advanced analytics, data mining and data visualization to detect hidden patterns in the data. Troubleshoot performance issues faster and more effectively – and understand why they happened so you can take corrective action quickly.

Reduce downtime.

Avoid major defects, prevent long downtimes and address potential performance issues before they escalate with automated monitoring and predictive alerts. Workflows and case management capabilities speed problem resolution.


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  • Seamless integration with the full SAS Quality Analytic Suite 6.2, including SAS Field Quality Analytics and SAS Production Quality Analytics.
  • Enterprise, maintenance-centric data model.
  • Automated monitoring and alerting.
  • Predictive modeling.
  • Ability to deploy models into SAS Event Stream Processing.
  • Descriptive analysis.
  • Reporting and KPI dashboards with drillable alerts and reports.
  • Support for asset replacement decisions.
  • Hadoop and SAP HANA data storage.

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