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SAS® Quality Analytic Suite

Drive new levels of quality performance.

Start with a holistic, enterprise view of your quality performance data. Add powerful solutions that take an analytic approach to improving quality outcomes. With SAS®, you can identify issues earlier. Find root causes faster. And significantly reduce the costs of poor quality while enhancing your brand reputation.


Boost your quality performance.

Get a comprehensive view of your overall product quality. SAS brings together data from virtually any source or format and makes it analysis-ready. Advanced analytics enable you to identify emerging issues early so you can prioritize them and resolve them quickly. The result? You'll get higher first-time quality at a lower cost and increased production yield with reduced scrap and rework rates.

Measure customer perception of quality.

Understand how customers perceive the quality and reliability of your products and services. Real-time customer feedback from external and internal sources can provide design suggestions or early warning of warranty and recall issues. Perceptual quality analysis can also detect issues that annoy customers, but haven't become formal complaints – so you can address them before they erode your brand equity and competitive advantage.

Reduce warranty costs. And lessen their impact.

Know how your products are performing in the field so you can find and resolve issues quickly. With SAS, you can detect potential issues much earlier, identify the root cause faster and put permanent fixes in place sooner. This keeps your warranty costs to a minimum in terms of repair and replacement costs. And because fewer customers are affected, your brand equity is protected.

Improve production yield while lowering maintenance costs.

Automatically monitor equipment and system performance, and bring together all relevant operational data regardless of source system or format. Use predictive modeling to uncover hidden patterns and correlations that may lead to failures. By using high-performance analytics, you can reduce unplanned downtime and eliminate unnecessary maintenance by predicting the likelihood of a failure far enough in advance to perform orderly, planned maintenance and avoid costly line stoppages.


Integrated Solutions

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  • Enterprise quality data management. Integrates structured and unstructured quality-related data from all sources to provide an enterprise view of quality performance and drive improved quality outcomes.
  • Common framework for the quality life cycle. Provides a common foundation, workspaces and user interface to ensure a consistent approach to using analytics to improve quality outcomes.
  • Advanced early-warning analytics. Advanced analytics identifies issues early, even before they occur, so you can proactively take corrective action to improve outcomes.
    • Superior root-cause analysis. Includes a complete spectrum of analytical tools – from explorative analysis, to design of experiments with optimizers, to cause-and-effect tools like Ishikawa diagrams.
    • Predictive modeling capabilities. Enables neural networking, regression analysis and clustering. Use predictive models to achieve advanced process control (APC), and set up downstream processes based on upstream results to compensate for prior quality issues.

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