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Industrialized analytics with embedded AI will take your business to the next level.

Why choose SAS for telecom, media and technology analytics?

Analytics will drive the telecom, media and technology (TMT) industry into the future. SAS uniquely combines an open and cloud-enabled industrialized analytics environment with embedded AI to help you solve current and future challenges.

With SAS, you can reduce business risks. Fight fraud. Identify customers for relevant communication across digital and physical channels. Personalize offers, content and advertisements. Optimize, predict and automate 5G network planning and operations to support Industry 4.0. SAS is ready to support your digital transformation and move it forward.

TMT Companies Working Smarter With SAS

SAS® in the Telecom, Media & Technology Industries – Facts & Figures


communications companies on the Fortune 500 using SAS





Personalization is key.

Learn how Telenor found SAS® Analytics to be the natural solution to continuously adapting to customer needs.

Hot Trends in TMT

According to GSMA, global change is happening fast, and intelligent connectivity will play a central role. But connectivity will be just a fraction of total IoT revenue. TMT companies will need to evolve their networks and create new business models to achieve expected growth, and a majority of executives believe AI must be integrated.

1.8 billion

5G connections by 2025 – 20% of total connections

$1.1 trillion

in network investments over the next five years, almost 80% in 5G

$900 billion

global IoT revenue by 2025 – 95% in services, platforms & applications

£170 billion

AI investment by 2025, integrated in networks, services & business

Telecom, Media & Technology Solutions

Supporting Business Decisions With Industrialized, Open Analytics

Expand your business beyond all boundaries. Embrace new technology and transform complex data into valuable insights that drive your decisions. Improve processes so you can work faster and more efficiently. Gain a more complete view of your business operations and customers.

Ad Inventory Management

Bring together a cohesive view of all information pertaining to audiences, inventory and pricing. Better manage and increase advertising revenue with accurate ad inventory valuation and demand forecasts.

Audience Analytics

Use viewership data to better understand consumers along their journeys. Know when, where and how to deliver targeted content to lower churn, increase revenue and improve customer experience.

Customer Experience

Gain a deeper understanding of the total customer experience so you can predict churn and take action to prevent it. Choreograph every touch point along the customer journey for happier, more loyal customers and higher ARPU.

Telecom Fraud

Detect subscriber fraud in real time to increase profits and protect inventory. Improve service levels with fewer false positives and negatives, and enhance brand reputation. Perform real-time credit scoring to reduce days sales outstanding and bad debt expense.

Telecom Network Analytics

Apply advanced analytic techniques to network data to gain deeper insights on boosting network performance and improving operations management, with a special emphasis on automation.

Enabling Technologies

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

AI & Machine Learning

New AI techniques can automate complex tasks and unlock previously hidden insights across the spectrum of data.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Manage and analyze your IoT data where, when and how it works best for your business.


Get insights from your data on your terms – on-site or through a variety of cloud configurations and alternatives that suit your business needs.

Data Management

Effectively manage all critical data regardless of size, type or location. Embrace efficiency and improve integration.

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