In the age of digitization and the growing mountain of data we collect daily – data skills are now essential for almost every role in every organization.  Data scientists have long been in great demand, but the latest challenge facing organisations is data skills across the rest of their employees.  

Data isn’t used in a vacuum: it touches many roles, and organisations need employees with the skills to handle it effectively, from foundational data literacy to, data analyst, to data engineering skills.

The SAS STEP Programme is a bold initiative to reskill the nation’s workforce and create an army of future employees highly skilled in the language of data and analytics.

How your company can get involved

  • Let us know if you have job or apprenticeship opportunities that require data skills
  • Have participants tackle your data-driven business challenge by submitting use-cases
  • Work with us to reskill your existing employees

Contact us to discuss your needs.


No matter what type of industry you operate in data-driven decision-making markedly improves business performance.