Event Stream Processing   

Analyze big data while it's in motion. And make decisions instantly.

How SAS® Delivers Event Stream Processing

Staying competitive means working fast and making the right move even faster.

Lightning-fast analysis of huge amounts of data

With faster, more powerful stream processing, you can get measurable value from low-latency responses to high-volume throughput of millions of events per second.

Consolidated streaming data sources

Consume a wide array of data streams as close to the edge as you need. Prebuilt connectors and adapters let you write once and deploy anywhere – notification systems, repositories, dashboards and existing applications.

Embedded analytics

Prebuilt streaming data quality, natural language processing and the broadest array of integrated, advanced analytics deliver value from streaming data directly to you via a visual interface.

Why SAS® for event stream processing?

Get instant insights into doing the right thing

Discern analytically sound patterns in text and structured streaming data and instantly translate that insight into action so you can respond to opportunities and problems in real time.

Make sound big data decisions

Filter, cleanse and correct fast-moving data before it's stored. You'll save countless work and computing hours, and your data lake will stay pristine – sound data means sound decisions.

Take full control

No matter how fast your data moves – or how much you have – it’s all under your control from a single interface.