Base SAS Software

Flexible, extensible 4GL and web-based interface for data access, transformation and reporting.

Significantly reduce programming and maintenance time.

Integrate data across environments.

Based on an open, cross-platform architecture, Base SAS is hardware-agile and integrates into any computing infrastructure, enabling you to unify computing efforts and get a single view of your data. From small data issues to large complex data problems, programmers can read, format, analyze and report on data quickly, regardless of format.

Make programming fast and easy.

An intuitive and easy-to-learn programming language and packaged programs called procedures significantly reduce the amount of code needed to gather and process data for analytics and reporting. SAS procedures encapsulate and deliver functionality with a few simple commands, increasing programmers' productivity. SAS Studio, a web-based developer interface, lets you access data files, libraries and existing programs from any device that has a web browser – making SAS coding easier and more accessible than ever.

Simplify the creation and distribution of visually appealing reports.

Easily create reports in standard office formats, such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, RTFs, PDFs, HTML and an e-books format that can be read with iBooks® on the iPad® and iPhone®. Produce reports and visualizations of analytic results automatically from statistical procedures, and deliver them on the platforms and applications people use most – including mobile devices.

Get SAS® into the hands of more users.

Base SAS lets you incorporate Hadoop capabilities – including Pig and Hive languages and MapReduce – as well as apply them across all SAS products and solutions. In addition, Python programmers can access Base SAS capabilities in a Python console or Jupyter notebook using the SASPy library, an open source extension available on GitHub.

Key Features

Easy-to-learn programming language. Web-based interface. Ready-to-use programs for data manipulation, information storage and retrieval, descriptive statistics and reporting. Centralized metadata repository. And a macro facility.

Intuitive, flexible 4GL

Easy-to-learn syntax and hundreds of language elements and functions support programming everything from data extraction, formatting and cleansing to reporting and information delivery.

Rich library of integrated, ready-to-use procedures

Prewritten SAS procedures handle many common tasks – data manipulation and management, information storage and retrieval, report writing – delivering significant functionality you can execute with a few simple commands.

Automated management & monitoring

Provides a web-based tool for monitoring and managing resources, users and jobs. Serves as an interface for configuring and managing high-availability services, and defining alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

Powerful data analysis tools

Can perform a wide variety of tasks – from deriving simple descriptive statistics to more advanced data correlation, cross-correlation and detailed data distribution analysis.

Cross-platform & multiplatform support

Runs on all major computing platforms, can access virtually any data source and easily integrates into any computing environment. SAS code developed on one platform is portable and runs easily on others.

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