Self-service, interactive development environment

SAS Studio

Get easy, self-sufficient access to enterprise and cloud data sources, data quality functions and an extended flow designer.

Jump-start your data and analytics efforts with an interactive development environment.

Adopt a powerful development environment.

SAS Studio has powerful features that let you efficiently prepare and orchestrate your data for better decisions. Take advantage of interactive debugging to quickly identify code and logic issues. Schedule jobs to run when you want. Integrate with Git Repositories for version control of your SAS jobs, increasing your ability to collaborate quickly across your organization.

Orchestrate your analytics.

SAS Studio delivers an intuitive, web-based flow designer. Flows in SAS Studio weave together prebuilt steps that can include queries and data transformations, as well as your own custom steps, into this graphical orchestration layer.

Jump-start your work.

Easily add advanced, prebuilt snippets and tasks. By taking advantage or these powerful snippets and tasks, you reduce code debt while promoting data consistency and transparency, building trust in the results of the analytics process and outcomes.

Integrate with Python.

Programmers and data scientists can code, execute and schedule Python scripts from within SAS Studio's code editor interface or add Python steps to a SAS Studio Flow quickly and intuitively. Both options offer the flexibility to use Python for query, preparation and analysis depending on users' skills, comfort and preferences, as well as the problem they are trying to solve. You can now productively and efficiently create a single program or flow to integrate SAS and Python code for consistent delivery of analytics-ready data pipelines.

SAS Studio Analyst

Take your environment to the next level by adding on SAS Studio Analyst.

Empower data analysts and data scientists with a self-service environment for workflow-based projects.

With SAS Studio Analyst, a separately licensed product, even those users with little expertise using SAS can access virtually all data sources and extract, cleanse, transform, conform, aggregate, load and manage data. SAS Studio Analyst enables easy, self-sufficient access to enterprise and cloud data sources with important tasks like filtering, conditional row branching and inserting rows.

Easily address unique data transformations and analytics requirements.

A custom step enables you to quickly and easily create a user interface to complete a specific task to address unique data transformations and analytics requirements. Once custom steps have been created, they can be saved and shared with the larger community, promoting reuse of custom transformations, which saves both time and resources.

Key Features

SAS Studio is included in all SAS Viya offerings.

Single design pallet for data & analytics

Lets you generate code, use predefined tasks or build custom tasks to access, join, filter, sort, prepare and analyze data prior to building and deploying models.

Integrated development environment

Lets you easily access programs, data files, tables and libraries from a single, customizable interface. Enables more efficient programming with features like autocomplete, syntax help, color coding, keyword shortcuts and more.

Flexible deployment options

The SAS server can be a hosted server in a cloud, in your data center or in a hybrid environment with no changes to the SAS Studio interface.


Conforms to your file management strategy with centralized authorizations and access.

Integration with Git

Includes integration with Git, a system for tracking changes and managing version control among multiple users. Git can be used with many different repository hosting services, such as GitHub and Bitbucket.

SAS flows

A flow is a sequence of operations on data. Data and operations are represented by nodes. A flow orchestrates nodes in a series of steps in which the output of one node is the input to another node. As you build a flow, SAS Studio automatically generates SAS code for each node. You can use flows to prepare data for reporting and analytics.

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SAS Studio Help Center

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