What do the Border Force and UK Counter Terrorism units have in common?

The ability to de-risk decision making and deploy resources effectively.

Border and immigration services are facing a unique challenge: How to secure the UK border against an increased volume and range of security threats while supporting economic growth through the legitimate passage of people and goods whether for trade, residency or tourism.

UK security forces are facing a unique challenge also: How to enable prosperity by better defending our nation against the increasingly sophisticated, hyper-connected and obfuscated threats posed by extremism, terrorism and organised crime?

Our goal is simple: to empower organisations with the confidence to make complex operational and strategic decisions rapidly, accurately and with minimal risk.

De-risk decision making

Stand up to external scrutiny, with a fast, accurate, objective decision-making process with measured outcomes.

Drive up agility

Increase agility and productivity by using repeatable models, tailored to their concerns to deliver predictions and likely outcomes.

Predict events and outcomes

Go beyond knowing what has happened to providing a best assessment of what will happen in the future.

Improve threat visibility

Detect unexpected intelligence links and see the true threat landscape.

Safeguard National Security or Enable Economic Growth?

SAS delivers evidence-based answers so you don't have to choose.

Pinpoint immediate threats or mitigate future risk?

Predictive decision-making with SAS, means you'll never need to choose.

Zeroing in on outcomes

A transformation strategy for a new era of cost control.

Joining forces: Project ATHENA

When crisis strikes, it is up to emergency services to keep citizens safe. Jessica Gibson, Project Manager, West Yorkshire for Innovation at West Yorkshire Police, explains: “To respond effectively to a crisis, it’s essential that emergency services assess the situation to understand what they are dealing with.

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