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The Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

The IoT, Internet of Things, is a network of physical objects embedded with sensors, software and tech that connects and exchanges data with other devices over the internet.

Business leaders realise that the potential for this data exchange could be limitless. The real genius is in ‘how’ that data can be used. By adding AI and Machine Learning into the equation, vast amounts of data can be gathered, interpreted and used to inform business owners about their next steps.

AIoT, the Artificial Intelligence of Things, currently helps business owners with operational decisions and planning-related decisions. It can help businesses get ahead of the competition and to become pioneers in their field.

This report shows how much more successful projects are when AI is combined with IoT. AI is only set to improve and we have only just begun to see the potential of using AIoT. The future is now and it is happening fast, is your business ready?

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