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Health Care Operations

Overcome health care operational challenges and enable better patient access through more efficient care delivery with the right staffing and skills.

How SAS® Helps Overcome Health Care Operational Challenges

Value-based health care and patient centricity are emerging as the new global paradigms for addressing how organizations deliver and pay for health care. SAS provides a powerful array of descriptive and predictive modeling, forecasting, optimization, simulation and project scheduling capabilities to help you identify the actions that will improve outcomes and patient satisfaction, maximize resource utilization and reduce costs.

Health care cost analytics

  • Improve hospital operational performance, throughput and capacity.
  • Deliver higher quality care while improving patient satisfaction and controlling costs.

Workforce planning & performance management

  • Accurately forecast demand for clinical staff.
  • Develop critical workforce plans to mitigate long-term gaps and short-term agency costs.
  • Create a culture that supports measurement and transparency.

Advanced approaches using AI

  • Monitor patient devices, and reduce alarm fatigue.
  • Improve building, patient and staff security through sensor-based analytics.
  • Right-size equipment inventory through accurate location monitoring.

Why choose SAS for overcoming health care operational challenges?

Integrated solutions that span the analytics life cycle – from managing data, to developing models, to deploying insights. Powerful analytical capabilities that cover diverse operational needs, including prediction, forecasting, simulation and optimization. And the experience and expertise that comes from working with some of the largest health care organizations in the world.

Improve patient safety

Understand vulnerabilities for high levels of potentially avoidable complications, and implement strategies to reduce risk.

Gain productivity with a single, flexible system

Streamline operations by improving data visualization and sharing analytic insights across your mobile workforce.

Stay connected with the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Apply streaming and edge IoT analytics to real-time data from sensors, devices and wearables, and use the insights to significantly affect patient outcomes.

Customer Success

Explore what's possible with SAS solutions for health care.

  • When unlocked by AI, global data can power better local health outcomes.

  • In the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, there was little information on the new threat.

    The world anxiously watched as the virus moved from a concentrated area to a global scale, leaving governments to scramble for data and form a response.

  • Siemens Healthineers was in a strong position to assess the unfolding health crisis.

    The global medical technology company collects accurate customer, machine and contract data, as well as service tickets from more than 70 countries and over 600,000 active systems.

  • Managing complex data systems and quickly extracting actionable insights is a challenge.

    Siemens Healthineers leveraged its longstanding partnership with SAS to scale data analysis in the cloud.

    “SAS helps us bring all this data together, so we can create a single point of truth. This is the foundation for all of the other data use cases we’re developing.”

    – Stefan Meiler, Vice President, Data Governance & Analytical Services, Customer Services

  • For almost eight years, SAS and Siemens Healthineers had worked together to improve the collection, analysis and deployment of data.

    Despite the rapidly changing nature of the pandemic, the organizations quickly and accurately assessed the situation to inform decisions and adapt.

  • As medical needs shifted, supply chains and logistics networks were retooled.

    Fewer resources were needed for elective procedures. Testing and lab equipment were shifted to support COVID-19 patients.

    “Every rule we knew was tossed out the window. We had never seen that dynamic at such a fast pace. We needed to find another solution.”

    – Judit Richwien, Executive Vice President, Customer Services Finance

  • Siemens Healthineers made informed decisions on the fly and from remote locations to meet global demand and exceed customer expectations, even improving its net promoter score during the crisis.

    “We started our digital transformation with SAS early, and we were happy we did. If we had started during the crisis, we would’ve had no chance,” said Richwien.

  • Taking insights from the pandemic, Siemens Healthineers now applies similar strategies to optimize forecasts and select business models with SAS® Viya®.

    “With SAS and our data, we can adapt in real time. The digital service offerings and different business models allow us to tailor products and contracts for our customers across regions and industries.”

    – Torben Scaffidi, Project Lead, Realtime Intelligence Decision Excellence, Customer Services Finance

  • Driven by a lively sense of curiosity, Siemens Healthineers is optimistic about what AI-powered data analysis can achieve.

    “We’re working on anticipating customer needs with self-corrective AI models that free employees to innovate where automation isn’t possible today. It might take some years to get there, but I want systems that detect the problem and automatically decide viability for a fix. The question is how close can we get – that’s my mission," Meiler said.

  • Ultimately, the progress reflected in these improvements will lead to better decision making and, in turn, better health outcomes for patients.

    “The ability to provide better outcomes and make things better for patients – that’s why I’m curious and that’s why I’m passionate," said Richwien.

    *Paid post originally published by The New York Times.