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What if people could stop deforestation in the Amazon from their couch?

IIASA and SAS called on citizen data scientists to train AI models via crowdsourcing to recognize deforestation from satellite images. The result is a new approach to protecting one of the world’s most precious and critical resources.

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Play the video

How can one scientist influence millions of lifestyle decisions?

With over 85,000 synthetic chemicals in our environment, Melissa Strong, PhD, CEO and founder of IndiOmics, turned to analytics to find out. See how her bold question – and the potentially life-changing answers in the data – can empower people to lead healthier lives.

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  • Affordable housing as a human right

    The Center for NYC Neighborhoods has the firm belief that affordable housing is a human right, even – and especially – in expensive areas like New York City. Its partnership with SAS on the Black Homeownership Project gave a team of analytics volunteers, myself included, the opportunity to analyze the city’s housing data and identify inequities for Black and Brown communities.

  • Curiosity, coding and kids

    Many of our efforts at SAS to support education tap into the passionate curiosity of children. From GatherIQ to free options for learning SAS, we offer ways for young people to interact with and learn about the amazing potential of technology.

  • Cultivating curiosity in 2022

    From the moment COVID-19 hit, more than 14,000 SAS employees counted on us to ensure a reliable virtual working environment. It's curiosity that allowed us to propel our digital transformation plans forward while supporting our customers through all the rapid change. And it is curiosity that will enable us to meet the future needs of a post-pandemic workforce.

  • How to work like a disrupter

    Netflix, Airbnb, Spotify and Lyft. How did these market heroes move from the seed of an idea to the disruption of an entire industry? A strong analytics and technology platform that turned data into a fundamental asset.

    Do curious leaders see data for what it is, or what it could be?

    Harvard Business Review speaks to some of our SAS leaders and partners about what fuels their curiosity, how they encourage that spark in others, and why they see curiosity going hand in hand with AI advances as a foundational imperative for the evolution of business.

    Pondering how artificial intelligence (AI) is elevating and challenging our humanity.

    Kimberly Nevala, SAS Strategic Advisor, is joined by the thought leaders, researchers, doers and activists ensuring our AI-enabled future puts people and the environment first.

    See how businesses are using data and analytics to find answers to their most challenging questions.

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