Industry Applications

Education Analytics in the Cloud

Increase flexibility and agility for education analytics via public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructures.


Education organizations are struggling to modernize legacy infrastructure, improve operations, gain efficiencies and reduce costs. They are also being asked to collaborate and integrate data across agencies and institutions. That makes the security and privacy protection of education data of utmost importance.

How Education Analytics in the Cloud Can Help

SAS provides a secure, dependable infrastructure that gives you peace of mind while enabling you to:

  • Integrate student data from across legacy siloed systems to improve computational power and operational efficiency.
  • Run your analytics where the data resides to reduce latency and achieve faster insights.
  • Reduce on-site technology and infrastructure costs by taking advantage of cloud deployment and resources.
  • Secure sensitive education data with maximum uptime and minimal administrative overhead.
  • Increase time to value with prebuilt, industry-specific visualizations and data models available via cloud offerings.

Why SAS?

SAS has the experience and expertise to help education agencies and institutions securely migrate to the cloud in the way that works best for your organization:

  • Flexible deployment options. We offer multiple ways to deploy SAS in public or private clouds, including deployment patterns like Docker containers, Kubernetes for orchestration or support for Cloud Foundry.
  • Cloud-specific SAS offerings. SAS works with major cloud infrastructure providers like Microsoft, Amazon and Google to streamline SAS deployments in public clouds.
  • SAS managed offerings. Take advantage of cutting-edge SAS technology with maximum uptime, managed by us on your site or ours.
  • Software as a service (SaaS). We offer standardized, off-the-shelf SaaS education offerings that are available for immediate use right out of the box.
  • Education consulting services. Get the benefit of powerful SAS software combined with the know-how of our education industry experts. Give us your data and explain your business problem; we'll give you answers you can act on.