Travel To Faster, Trusted Decisions In The Cloud

A webinar series for data, analytics and IT professionals.

Hear from technology experts, partners and analysts in the industry to see what is taking off in AI, cloud computing and putting models into production for better outcomes and trusted results. The latest release of SAS® Viya® enables collaboration, scalability and operationalizing insights for everyone, everywhere.

Explore at your leisure with on-demand videos in travel-size segments.

Arrive at faster decisions in the cloud – no turbulence or delays.

Pack up insights to help you conquer your analytics challenges, from experimental to mission-critical.

Data scientists. Business analysts. Developers. Executives. Analytics for everyone, everywhere.


Welcome and Opening Remarks
Presenter: Bryan Harris
Future Trends of AI and Analytics in the Cloud
Presenter: Bernard Marr
Driving Value for Better Outcomes and Trusted Results
Presenters: Ritu Jyoti and Bryan Harris
Shaping the Future of AI and Analytics With SAS® Viya® and Microsoft Azure
Presenters: Marty Tomasi and Jakob Maciolek
Travel to the Cloud Trivia Break
Moderator: Trent Smith
Actionable Insights That Matter
Presenters: Jonathan Wexler and Diana Shaw

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