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SAS® Model Manager

Create, manage and deploy lifecycle analytics


Central, secure repository for organizing models

  • Project-based storage of models.
  • Set up and maintain separate versions of champion and challenger models within a project.
  • Map prerequisite data sources used for model reporting and score code testing.
  • Event logging of all major actions, user-defined notes.
  • Attach supporting documentation such as Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, HTML files, etc.).

Pre-built templates for registering standard data mining models

  • Import SAS Enterprise Miner models.
  • Import SAS/STAT and Base SAS models.
  • Repository metadata summary report, such as number of models, number of scoring jobs.
  • Model aging profiles.
  • Frequency counts of how often each target and input variable has been used across the model portfolio.

Model repository query by attributes

  • Type of algorithm.
  • An input or target variable.
  • Model creator.
  • Model ID.
  • Lifecycle approval user.
  • Combination of query attributes.
  • Ability to add user-defined query keys.

Secure model storage and access administration

  • Backup and restore capabilities.
  • Overwrite protection.
  • Event logging.
  • User authentication /access privilege administration.

Validation of the scoring logic before exporting models to production

  • Define test and production score jobs.
  • Export models to SAS Metadata Repository.
  • Production scoring.
  • Publish model updates to different scoring channels.

Model performance and comparison reports during test and production life cycles

  • Model Performance reports:
    • Programs for summarizing scored data.
    • Variable distribution plots.
    • Characteristic chart.
    • Stability chart.
    • Lift chart.
    • Receiver Operating Curve and Gini charts.
    • Kolmogorov-Smirnov chart.
  • Model Comparison reports:
    • Model profile report.
    • Delta report.
    • Dynamic lift.
    • Model monitoring report.
    • Ad hoc SAS code report editor.

Overall lifecycle management of analytical models

  • Model lifecycle templates for collaborative project management.
  • Task-oriented milestone completion and approval signoff.
  • Define start and completion dates.
  • Progress completion status reports.

Download the complete SAS Model Manager Fact Sheet.


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