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Forecasting Software

Analyze and forecast processes that take place over time

With SAS® forecasting software, you can analyze and forecast processes that take place over time. You can identify previously unseen trends and anticipate fluctuations so you can more effectively plan for the future. Whether you want to understand past trends, forecast the future or better understand how your business functions, we provide a wide range of analytical tools that ensure your success.

With SAS, we gain knowledge that really tells us what drives our sales and what makes our forecasts work.

Alan Gordon,

Director of Sales Forecasting,


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Components of SAS® Forecasting Software

  • SAS/ETS Time Series Forecasting integrates time series and econometric techniques for modeling, forecasting and simulating business processes.
  • SAS High-Performance Forecasting can produce thousands, even millions, of forecasts quickly and automatically. Each forecast is individually calculated using statistically optimized parameters so you can use the results to drive strategic planning.
  • SAS Forecast Server generates large quantities of high-quality forecasts quickly and automatically, allowing organizations to plan more effectively for the future.

How SAS Is Different

SAS uniquely addresses the forecasting and analysis needs for all levels of decision making, from tactical to strategic, from the short-term to the long run.

  • Only SAS offers such a complete forum for solving problems that involve analyzing data collected over time.
  • Globally recognized as an industry leader in analytics, SAS ensures consistent and reliable analysis of all your business information to produce insights that provide competitive advantage.

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