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Text Mining with SAS® Text Miner

Capitalize on the value hidden in textual information

SAS Text Miner provides a rich suite of tools for discovering and extracting knowledge from text documents. It transforms textual data into a usable, intelligible format that facilitates classifying documents, finding explicit relationships or associations between documents, and clustering documents into categories. It's the first mining solution that tightly integrates text-based information with structured data for improved analyses and decision making.


  • Reduce time-to-decisions and gain a more accurate organizational view.
  • Recognize trends and predict business opportunities.
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  • Universal data access.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Self-documenting interface.
  • Comprehensive text preprocessing capabilities.
  • Extensive feature extraction.
  • Dimension reduction techniques.
  • Text clustering algorithms.
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SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Text Miner are worth their weight in gold. They’ve paid for themselves many times over by highlighting cost and quality issues, leading to valuable improvements at Louisville hospitals and worldwide.

—Patricia Cerrito, PhD

Professor of Mathematics,

University of Louisville

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Capitalize on the value hidden in document collections with a unified business intelligence platform to improve your predictive models.

Text mining with SAS Text Miner
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How SAS Is Different

  • Ability to access a wide variety of document formats (e.g., PDF, ASCII, HTML, Lotus, Microsoft Word and WordPerfect) in numerous languages.
  • A distinctive, integrated interface for analyzing text (unstructured data) in conjunction with multiple related database (structured) fields.
  • Sophisticated text parsing capabilities.
  • Ability to transform data into a compact, information-rich structure.
  • An interactive results browser, enabling analysts to interactively explore concepts and relationships between documents and dynamically make modifications to further tailor analyses.

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