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Cornelis is currently a senior consultant in the Information Management Service Line team at SAS UK. Cornelis has wide knowledge of SAS and has specialized in the area of SAS BI, DI and the SAS Customer Analytics tools including SAS for Customer Experience Analytics.

Having a degree in Environmental Biology Cornelis started working as a COBOL programmer in 1998 investigating the W2K bug. After the arrival of his first daughter, Cornelis decided to pick up studying again and earned a masters degree in IT. He then stared working for CMG and was involved in numerous large banking and insurance projects such as the Euro switchover and the implementation of the new Dutch Healthcare system. As a result of this project experience, Cornelis has gained a large amount of professional business knowledge. Joining Atos Origin in 2005 Cornelis became a Business Intelligence Consultant and started using SAS tools. After attending the SAS Global Forum in Geneva Cornelis decided that he wanted work for SAS and one year later he joined SAS Netherlands in 2007.

Working for SAS Cornelis found himself being part of a larger global community which gave him the opportunity to pursue his family's dream to live and work in the UK. This opportunity not only benefited Cornelis professionally but also enabled his family to experience British culture as a whole. Cornelis successfully relocated to SAS UK in March 2011.

In my spare time...

When not working, Cornelis enjoys the company of his family and friends. He especially enjoys watching his three lovely daughters growing up and going through the different stages of their childhood. Other spare time activities are photography and scuba diving during the holidays.

Favourite Places to Visit

Tana Toraja (Indonesia)– where Cornelis met his wife
Hong Kong
New York

Favourite Movies

The Fifth Element – for love and the fact that Cornelis and Bruce are much alike.

Mr Beans Holiday – as a remainder that even if we mess up big time it will still work out fine in the end.

Favourite Music

Jesus Culture