SAS UK / Careers

Core values

We are transparent and open, and we always keep our promises
SAS is always open, honest and direct with our customers and business contacts. The same goes for employee communications. An open dialogue between employees and executives builds trust and ensures a shared understanding of our goals, expectations and future direction.

We work together to put our customers first
At SAS, everyone is focused is on helping our customers to achieve their goals – even those not in a customer-facing role. We ensure we all understand customer challenges, so we can work together to address them through our software and services.

We're easy to work with and we help each other
We give our customers access to a wealth of support information and assistance. This includes skilled technical and customer support via the phone and online. SAS employees also collaborate across departments, offices and countries to share best practices that help us all work more effectively.

We champion excellence, and we're not afraid to challenge the status quo
Everyone at SAS is an innovator. We have creative minds, and the courage to take calculated risks that generate opportunities to deliver better service to our customers. We also reinvest close to 25 percent of revenues into R&D – twice the industry average.

We listen to customers and employees, so that we all stay reactive to change
Every year we solicit customer feedback on our software. And we implement the best suggestions, to ensure SAS products and solutions continue to help our customers stay agile and responsive. Our executives also solicit employee feedback to foster an open, flexible working environment.