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Hospitality Data Analytics

Create exceptional experiences that elicit loyalty with customer-centric marketing powered by embedded AI.

Why choose SAS® for hospitality data analytics?

The SAS Vision for Hospitality

SAS believes that the hospitality industry is poised for exponential growth around real-time analytics and behavior-based segmentation, and we have the technology, experience and expertise to help you harness that growth. SAS can help you simplify data management for even the most complex data. Easily build models with embedded AI. And get your most intricate customer journey visions into production. From orchestrating automated marketing environments, to implementing rules-based loyalty triggers, to optimizing revenue, SAS is your trusted partner.

Customer Success

Better Performance With SAS

  • Hitting the jackpot with a new analytics strategy

    SAS gives Foxwoods Resort Casino a holistic view of resort operations, enabling the company to determine optimal staffing, enhance the guest experience and maximize profits.

  • Improving tourism planning

    SAS helps DER Touristik better plan for the future with fast, reliable forecasting.

    How SAS Delivers Hospitality Data Analytics

    Ensure your success in an evolving digital world. No matter which hospitality sector you are in, our industry-leading analytics with embedded AI can accelerate your digital transformation, enabling you to deliver more personalized experiences and increase revenue.

    Customer Experience

    Personalize every customer interaction in real time, and create customer experiences that matter. Gain your customers' trust, and keep it.

    Fraud Detection & Prevention

    Detect and prevent opportunistic and organized fraud – and radically reduce their impact on your business – with our end-to-end solution for detecting and preventing anti-money laundering, procurement fraud, loyalty fraud and more.

    Customer Data Platform & Beyond

    Collect, manage, optimize and maintain your data to drive faster, better decision making.

    Total Revenue Management

    Forecast and optimize pricing for your ancillary revenues on your journey toward total revenue management.

    Operations & Planning

    Analyze streaming data, uncover hidden insights with AI and make intelligent, real-time decisions in the environment of your choice.

    Expert Consulting

    Make SAS a part of your team, using our data scientists to execute your analytics project and fill your short-term needs.

    Enabling Technologies in Hospitality

    Accelerate Data-Driven Decision Making

    Data Management

    Having good data is essential to unlocking valuable insights. Use proven solutions for data integration and access, data quality, data preparation, data governance and event stream processing.

    AI & Machine Learning

    Apply AI technologies like machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing to automate complex tasks and uncover valuable insights hidden in your data.

    Internet of Things

    Provide customers with relevant, omnichannel experiences in real time and on their terms.

    Operationalizing Analytics

    Make the best decisions every time by operationalizing analytics at scale.

    Open Integration

    Access our open analytics platform from the interface or coding language of your choice, for the freedom to experiment, act and achieve.

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