On-Demand Webinar

Deploying Advanced Analytics in Counter-Fraud and Abuse Detection in Loyalty Programs

Learn how advanced analytics can protect your loyalty program from fraud while safeguarding your profits and reputation.

About the webinar

During the peak of the pandemic, the hospitality, leisure and travel industry experienced a temporary reprieve from certain types of fraud, including loyalty fraud.

But trillions of dollars in unspent points are an irresistible draw for people looking to exploit or abuse your loyalty programs.

And as business activity ramps up and travelers resume making vacation plans, the chances of loyalty fraud are rising too.

Compromises in customer loyalty programs can pose tangible losses resulting in revenue leakage, as well as intangible repercussions stemming from customer friction.

In this webinar, industry experts from global consulting firm Protiviti and SAS will explore how advanced analytics helps prevent loyalty fraud – and helps preserve the integrity of your loyalty program for legitimate customers.

What you'll learn:

  • Why understanding data types and how to effectively use them unlocks the true potential of any surveillance or monitoring system.
  • What your organization stands to gain from integrating different elements and approaches holistically.
  • How advanced analytics generates augmented insights, which in turn drive intelligent threat detection and better decision making.
  • Four essential steps to implementing and maintaining active fraud detection and prevention efforts.

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About the Experts

Brad Egnor
Senior Industry Consultant, Hospitality and Entertainment

Constantine Boyadjiev
Managing Director, Global Risk & Compliance Practice Leader

John Harris, PhD
Associate Director, Predictive Modeling and Advanced Analytics