SAS launches free Data Literacy course to help people thrive in AI-driven world

Data Literacy in Practice sets learners on an analytics career journey 

The explosion of generative AI has accelerated the need for data literacy in what was already a fast-paced, data-driven world. Data literacy is no longer a nice-to-have skill but a must-have in any field. To help more people develop these critical skills, SAS has launched its second, free Data Literacy e-learning course, Data Literacy in Practice, that empowers individuals and professionals to explore and visualize data with confidence.

“In a world overflowing with data, unlocking its power sets you apart. Data literacy is more relevant than ever for young learners and professionals wishing to upskill and reskill,” said Dr. Emily Pressman, who developed the SAS Data Literacy series. “Our courses are designed to be easily consumed by learners and integrated into instruction and professional development offerings.”

Whether a student, educator or professional, everyone can benefit from better data literacy. Educators can better prepare students for careers, while employers can improve the data literacy of their workforces. Business professionals can enhance their decision making through data analysis, and individuals can explore the power of data for personal and professional enrichment.

Key features make building relevant data literacy easy

Data Literacy in Practice makes learning about data fun, easy and practical. Key features include:

  • User-friendly design – The course is for everyone, no matter where they are on their data literacy journey. By focusing on conceptual and practical understanding rather than distracting mathematical jargon, learners feel supported and encouraged throughout the process.
  • Real-world examples Data Literacy in Practice incorporates real-world examples, putting course takers in the shoes of a small business owner who utilizes data to drive informed decision making. By working through practical scenarios, learners develop the skills to apply data literacy knowledge in real-life situations.
  • Convenient and self-paced SAS Data Literacy e-learning courses offer the flexibility to learn at any pace, anytime and anywhere. With modularized content accessible on any device, users can easily fit learning into their schedules. The self-paced course can be completed in under three hours.

Part of a powerful data literacy duo

While Data Literacy in Practice can stand alone, it is even more powerful when combined with the free SAS Data Literacy Essentials course. Starting from the basics, Data Literacy Essentials introduces learners to fundamental data literacy concepts, such as what data is and why data literacy matters.

Data Literacy Essentials has been activated about 20,000 times in nearly 80 countries by more than 600 colleges and universities and 3,500 nonacademic organizations, including small businesses, large companies, government agencies and others. Users include hundreds of higher education faculty, including Paul Hansford, Associate Professor in the Business and Public Services Division at Sinclair Community College.

“Using short, impactful, high-quality videos, the course does an excellent job of introducing ways data is used in our professional and everyday lives, providing students with an entry-level, but solid foundation of data literacy concepts,” said Hansford. “Importantly, the course also addresses ethical considerations of data analysis. I highly recommend that everyone include this great intro to data literacy in their repertoire of tools for a competitive advantage in the workforce.”

By combining the knowledge gained from Data Literacy Essentials with the practical data visualization and exploration skills acquired in Data Literacy in Practice, learners will be fully equipped to embark on the next step toward data literacy: SAS® Visual Analytics 1. This three-course learning pathway of Data Literacy Essentials, Data Literacy in Practice and SAS Visual Analytics 1 sets learners on their analytics career journey.  

Data literacy is a key to business resilience

In a time of global disruptions, resiliency determines which organizations struggle and which survive and thrive. In March, SAS released a global business survey report, Resiliency Rules, which explores the current state of business resiliency and what steps organizations are taking to navigate change and seize opportunity.

The survey of more than 2,400 business executives revealed a trend that high-resiliency organizations have a strong focus on data culture and literacy. More than having a tool for data management, resilient organizations create a culture of looking to data to help solve problems, answer questions and make decisions.

Check out the full Resiliency Rules report to learn more.

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The explosion of generative AI has accelerated the need for data literacy. SAS has launched a second, free Data Literacy e-learning course that empowers individuals and professionals to explore and visualize data with confidence.