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A webinar series for government and public sector decision makers who want to make better, faster and more cost-effective decisions.

Join us for this series of webinars focused on ways governments are innovating in the face of unprecedented challenges.

You’ll hear real stories about how public sector agencies are engaging in digital transformation by maximizing their resources using data, analytics and artificial intelligence.

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Featured Webinars

Putting Social Determinants of Health Data to Work

Join us for this webinar, where you will learn about data architectural concepts better suited for the ever growing need to use disparate data to track outcomes.

Expert Guests

Dr. Josh Morgan
National Director of WPC and Behavioral Health, SAS

Judi Nightingale
Chief Population Health Officer
Riverside County, CA

Daria Rostovtseva
Former Data Scientist with SAS

Healthcare Procurement Strategies and Lessons Learned Revealed by States and Vendors

Join us to see how the changing landscape of CMS Certification will affect procurements.

Topic Areas

Public Health and Social Welfare

  • AI for Supporting Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting 
    This webinar is focused on using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to tackle big data related to vaccine development. Learn more.
  • Bridging the Gap Between Legacy SAS® and SAS® Viya® at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)
    Like many government agencies, CMS is utilizing more cloud-based services. SAS Viya is built to be scalable for both private and public clouds. Learn more.
  • Healthcare Procurement Strategies and Lessons Learned Revealed by States and Vendors
    Join us to see how the changing landscape of CMS Certification will affect procurements. Learn more.
  • Improving Public Health Decisions Through Data and Analytics
    Hear how several health agencies took bold steps to improve data collection and predictive analytics during the pandemic, paving the way for enterprise analytics platforms that will improve resilience for future shocks to the health system. Learn more.
  • Putting Social Determinants of Health Data to Work
    Learn about data architectural concepts better suited for the ever growing need to use disparate data to track outcomes. Learn more.
  • Wake Up Call: Modernizing Public Health Practices
    Join us for this webinar, where we’ll discuss how obtaining analytical insight into trends and forecasts can help agencies prepare for and respond to future public health crises. Learn more.
  • Whole Person Data Empowers Mental Health Services
    This session, from SAS Global Forum 2021, shows how the New York State Office of Mental Health and the California Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission use advanced analytics to provide a more complete, accurate picture of community needs and the impact of services. Learn more.

Public Security

  • Advanced Data and BI Solutions in EU External Border Protection
    Advanced data mining and BI solutions play an important role in protecting the external borders of the European Union. European Border and Coast Guard Agency is one of the leading organizations in the development and use of technologies that provide faster analysis and show hidden patterns in data sets. Learn more.
  • AI on the Front Lines: The Role of AI in the Fight Against COVID-19, and in Reimagining Government in a Post-COVID World
    Steve Bennett will highlight critical ways that AI has helped governments save lives and livelihoods during the pandemic and how AI will help shape government in a post-COVID world. Learn more.
  • Identifying Violence Risk Within Incarcerated Populations
    Hear how SCDOC and INDOC use predictive analytics and machine learning to predict offender violence, including calculating risk and recognizing violence indicators. Learn more.
  • Increase Public Safety Though Rapid Response to Guns and Gangs
    See how Alberta Justice and Solicitor General uses analytics and AI to better assess risks, respond faster and keep communities safer. Hear keys to success and lessons learned from its Guns and Gangs project. Learn more.
  • Transformative Technologies for Next-Gen Policing
    Tune in now to hear our experts – including two veterans of law enforcement – explore the growing importance of technology in establishing a new generation of policies, training and approaches. Learn more.

Public Finance

  • Identifying Unemployment Fraud and Protecting Citizens
    This short video includes a demonstration of a solution for rapid response to protect taxpayer dollars and citizens in need. Learn more.
  • Tax Compliance and the Importance of Digital Transformation for Tax Administration
    Hear the challenges, successes and lessons learned by the IRS as it administers tax laws virtually while going through a digital transformation. Learn more.


  • Further Down the Road: Revenue and Expenditure Forecasting for Departments of Transportation
    Hear how revenue streams for transportation agencies are becoming more volatile as unprecedented economic and political factors arise. Learn how analytics helps bolster revenue. Learn more.
  • Get Involved: How Forecasting "What-If" Planning Scenarios Helps Educate Citizens on Transportation Policy
    This webinar examines how to use the NC CRAFTS program to forecast “what-if” planning scenarios directly from the public. Learn more.


  • Duval County Public Schools: Accelerating School Performance With Analytics
    Duval County Public Schools has transformed into one of Florida’s top-performing school districts by using data and predictive analytics. Hear how DCPS improved school performance, tracked student progression and monitored school climate. Learn more.

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