Data Quality  

Better, cleaner data – regardless of volume or data type.

How SAS® Delivers Data Quality

Creating a data-driven culture is essential for your organization's success. That means partnering with a company that makes data quality a top priority. SAS provides data quality solutions with built-in analytics that can profile, monitor and standardize data so you can be confident in your data's accuracy and completeness.  

Better data quality, wherever data resides

  • Clean your data without having to extract it or move it.
  • SAS profiles, standardizes, monitors and verifies your data where it exists – a significantly faster, more secure process.

Data quality at the forefront

  • Make data-driven decisions you can trust based on a solid foundation of high-quality data.
  • Data quality is the core of the SAS Platform and the basis for our solid reputation.

Intuitive system built for business & IT

  • Adopt an intuitive data quality system that accommodates everyone's data quality concerns – from the chief data officer, to the data scientist, to the business analyst.  

Why SAS® for data quality?

Manage data where it lives

Keep your system intact and bring data quality to the data – not the other way around. Our in-database technologies carry out data quality and scoring functions in the database. You’ll work faster and more efficiently without jeopardizing your information.

Build, reuse and share

With data constantly flowing in and out of your business, we help you establish repeatable processes for building and maintaining high-quality data.

Support business processes with unprecedented data quality

Bad data is the reason a majority of business initiatives fail. When you use SAS to perform tasks – from managing data to preparing it for analytics – you can trust the quality of your data. And that's essential to becoming data driven.

Customers Working Smarter With SAS®

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