Data Governance

Effective management of all critical data assets, regardless of size, type or location.  

How SAS® Delivers Data Governance

It's your business, your rules. SAS technology enables you to set and enforce policies and establish a consistent view of your data without micromanaging it.

Technology & expertise

  • Engage with experts who understand that data governance is as much about processes – and the services supporting them – as it is about technology.
  • Let us help you set goals, establish guidelines and work in a way that benefits your business.

Data privacy & governance  

  • Ensure data privacy by quickly identifying sensitive data and keeping your data secure.
  • Use a common repository for sensitive data terms and definitions.
  • Gain insights into sensitive data usage across the enterprise.

Business glossary that promotes collaboration

  • Set standard definitions and owners for your organization.
  • Integrate workflow and flag issues before they cause bigger problems.
  • Visualize lineage and relationships for better alignment between business and IT.

Lineage & metadata management

  • Explore data relationships and conduct impact analysis using data lineage and metadata management capabilities.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of how governed data is being used across the enterprise.

Why SAS® for data governance?

Get everyone on the same page

A business glossary and lineage viewer let you create a repository of terms, their definitions and relationships to apply across SAS and third-party systems. It's a key step toward team collaboration, standardizing definitions and giving context to your data.

Stop problems that could plague your system

The ability to intercept issues can mean the difference between business as usual and complete chaos. We help you flag issues, route them to the right person, and fix them with our integrated SAS Visual Analytics reporting engine.

Get a big impact from your investment

Our goal is to set you up for long-term success. We’ll help you determine whether you need data governance on a small or large scale; then we’ll work with your existing systems to make it happen.

Use one platform, one approach

You need a data governance solution built from the ground up – not one that’s been cobbled together. SAS delivers one solid solution based on data quality and data governance.

Customers Working Smarter With SAS®

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