Data Integration & Access

Greater efficiency and improved integration processes.

How SAS® Delivers Data Integration & Access

The right data integration solution helps you break down data silos and address data problems while giving you a vision for the future.

Data management expertise

  • We’ve been in the data management business for decades, working with thousands of organizations around the world to solve their data challenges. Plus, Gartner positions SAS in the Leader Quadrant for data integration.

Truly integrated technology

  • Adopt a data management solution built from the ground up – not cobbled together with bits and pieces.
  • Be confident you're using data integration technology that's seamless and reliable. And ready to take on your biggest initiatives.

A single point of control

  • Get more mileage from existing sources and increase your productivity by working from a single point of control.
  • A centralized, web-based console makes it easy to graphically administer, monitor and maintain connections and data caches.

Trusted data for all

  • Quickly and easily access the data you need, regardless of where it resides.

Why SAS® for data integration & access?

Ensure your data is ready for action

Know that your data is primed and prepared for the next step with auditing tools that monitor processing and source data lineage.

Build hybrid data environments

Quickly and easily connect to the data you need, wherever it resides – in the cloud, on-site, or in your data lakes in traditional systems. SAS connects to all kinds of data – structured, unstructured, text, documents and images.

Incorporate new technologies

Leverage the new wave of advanced data sources (MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.) and computing frameworks (Spark, MapReduce, SAS Viya), supporting your data fabric with a single solution.

Access the data you need

Ensure the availability of data required by knowledge workers while supporting multiple data processing run times (batch, real time, streaming, in database, etc.).

Customers Working Smarter With SAS®

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