SAS® Clinical Enrollment Simulation

Build and evaluate faster, more strategic enrollment plans using simulation.

Approximately 90% of clinical trials fail to meet their enrollment timelines. Now better enrollment planning is at your fingertips.

Clinical trial enrollment targets are often missed because the methods used to create the plans are based on assumptions and static projections. SAS Clinical Enrollment Simulation uses powerful simulation to inform enrollment planning.

Speed time to value.

SAS Clinical Enrollment Simulation is easy to use, enabling you to easily enter your assumptions, capture variations and visualize the results in an easy-to-compare format. With rapid implementation and the ability to enter data for ongoing trials, you can get valuable insights quickly to inform new enrollment plans or find the best way forward to rescue studies with lagging enrollment.

Develop enrollment projections.

SAS Clinical Enrollment Simulation uses powerful discrete event simulation to devise better projections for enrollment. With the SAS approach, users enter all assumptions and simulate multiple replications of the enrollment. This produces metrics that show how likely it is to achieve specific business targets, especially the probability of meeting the enrollment target with the current scenario. As a result, sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs) and site management organizations (SMOs) can develop faster, more strategic enrollment plans to reduce timelines, minimize costs and gain greater insight into the trial enrollment process.

Capture variability.

Instead of static estimates, our system allows for capturing the variability inherent in the real-world situation – country by country and site by site. For example, instead of saying a site will be ready to enroll in 30 days, users input a best-, worst- and typical-case scenario. During each run of the simulation, a new value is drawn for each site. This approach gives a better overall understanding of likely outcomes and produces more accurate predictions for achieving targets.

Develop realistic enrollment estimates.

Instead of projecting a constant estimate of site enrollment (e.g., 10 patients per month), the SAS tool gives a high enrollment period and a lower enrollment period (e.g., drops to eight patients per month after the peak enrollment period) to help produce more realistic enrollment projections.

Include costs.

Our simulation-based approach includes the startup costs for countries and sites, as well as the per-patient costs. This enables you to see the cost impact of different scenarios.

Track multiple scenarios.

SAS Clinical Enrollment Simulation makes it easy to create, compare and track multiple scenarios with varying inputs to support decision making and assess the likelihood of achieving target goals. This capability helps you test the impact of factors such as adding new sites and/or countries, or changing any of the baseline assumptions.

Key Features

Ensure that your enrollment plan is accurate at the beginning of and throughout a trial so you can understand and pivot in response to disruptions. Avoid devastating cost overruns for delayed enrollment. And if a study does lag behind enrollment projections, clinical project managers can quickly explore rescue options to find the best path forward.

Simulations to support diversity targets

Analytic capabilities based on simulated trial output help you determine if scenarios will hit key diversity targets for study enrollment.

Accurate enrollment projections

Comprehensive simulations based on several key inputs determine the realistic chances of successful enrollment.

Scenario management

Conduct what-if analysis and cost tracking.

Supply chain projections

Additional capabilities support supply chain projections for estimated times of drug resupply.

Workforce management

Gain insights for planning monitoring visits.

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