Customer Insight

Reduce customer churn, increase customer profitability and streamline operations.

How SAS Delivers Better Customer Insight

Priority, rules-based optimization isn't enough. You need true analytical optimization to gain better customer insight for improving the customer experience, boosting response rates and lowering campaign costs. SAS delivers.   

Comprehensive view of your customers and business

  • Easily access your data no matter where it's from or where it lives – from legacy systems to Hadoop.
  • Integrate multiple online and offline data sources – including IoT, customer, merchandise and location data – for a comprehensive, contextual view of your customers and business.
  • Create and maintain complete customer profiles that map customer journeys at every touch point across multiple channels.

Real-time customer interaction optimization

  • Enable analytically driven scoring, segmentation and decision making based on historical and current interactions through the use of advanced predictive analytics. 
  • Combine with context to create meaningful, personalized real-time interactions that improve the customer experience at specific touch points. 
  • Map analytics to each stage of the customer life cycle so you can deliver the right message to the right place at the right time, every time.

End-to-end integrated solution suite

  • Adopt a customer experience analytics foundation that spans all data, analytics and decisioning needs.
  • Constantly enrich existing data with new types and sources of data so you gain more insight that you can feed back into your marketing processes for continual improvements.
  • Work faster and more efficiently with our integrated solution suite, built on the powerful SAS Platform.

Discover how SAS® Customer Intelligence solutions use advanced analytics to help you understand customer uniqueness and build effective targeted marketing, enabling better real-time customer experiences.

Why SAS for better customer insight?  

Today's customers are mobile and have more control over the purchasing process – which means retailers must rethink how to use customer data and insights from analytics to improve customer engagement. That's where SAS comes in.    

Connect with your customers in real time

Engage and respond to customer needs instantly using contextual listening and advanced data integration to enhance both in-store and online shopping experiences.

Sell more

Understand what actions drive transactions and customer value. Know which message or offer is most relevant – and the best way to deliver it. Personalize interactions to drive the best performance. And integrate the experience across all touch points throughout the customer journey.

Spend less

An omnichannel approach enables you to spend less on customer acquisition than your competitors. Use predictive modeling as the basis for comprehensive integrated marketing to improve the outcomes of your marketing interactions.

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