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Why choose SAS® for marketing analytics?

Purpose-built, intelligent marketing.

No matter your level of marketing maturity, SAS can help you move from data to insight to action with rich functionality for adaptive planning, journey activation and an embedded real-time decision engine – all fueled by powerful analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Marketing analytics from SAS empowers you to reimagine marketing, creating and extending real-time, personalized customer experiences that increase profitability and create lasting brand loyalty.

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Discover how consumers, brands and technology will evolve through 2030.

What People Are Saying

"When it comes to analytical technology, SAS is the gold standard."

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SAS is a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Cross-Channel Campaign Management (EMSS Modules), Q3 2019.

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"SAS provides a strong modeling environment for us to test and learn how customers respond to the personalized experience we offer them, helping us on our journey of continuous improvement."

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Marketing Partner Ecosystem

SAS partners with other leading-edge companies to enable you to reimagine marketing with solutions that drive real business value.

What People Are Saying

We need to understand each individual customer, to make sure the offers we present them are not too general.
It's about nothing more than giving the customers what they want.
We do not actually talk about analytics as a discipline but simply start our discussions with the business units by asking: What business challenges are we looking to solve?

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