Public Safety & Criminal Justice

How SAS® Is Used in Public Safety & Criminal Justice

Enable smarter investigations and better decisions for citizen safety.

Enhance law enforcement and public safety with a structured environment for collecting, managing and analyzing intelligence data.

Gather and manage intelligence, conduct complex investigations, and improve investigative processes and workflows.

Featured Customer | Delaware State Police

Delaware State Police uses law enforcement solutions from SAS to help identify suspects, crack cases and protect communities.

SAS allows the rookie cop to have the same type of institutional knowledge as a 30-year detective, and that has helped law enforcement throughout the state quickly investigate cases, apprehend suspects and protect the community. Major William Crotty Delaware State Police

Delaware State Police Facts & Figures


year founded

Dover, Delaware



troopers employed by Delaware State Police

Other Public Safety & Criminal Justice Agencies Working Smarter With SAS®

Florida Department of Corrections

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