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Reduce customer churn, increase profitability and streamline operations with better customer intelligence

Customer Insight From SAS

Priority, rules-based optimization isn't enough. You need true analytical optimization to gain better customer insight for improving the customer experience, boosting response rates and lowering campaign costs. SAS delivers.

Embedded Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Amplify the value of real-time customer data.

  • Take advantage of our comprehensive, fully integrated CDP to seamlessly collect, enhance, extend and activate customer data in real time.
  • Employ powerful audience targeting and management, comprehensive identity resolution, behavioral data collection, and a unique hybrid data architecture that lets you keep your data where you want it.

Journey Creation

Personalize experiences and influence behaviors across the customer life cycle.

  • Plan and orchestrate meaningful customer journeys across touchpoints to elevate customer engagement with your brand.
  • Build strong customer relationships with targeted journeys powered by customer insights.

Data Activation

Provide the right message at the right time. Every time.

  • Meet customers where they are when they need it most by deploying relevant messages across all channels quickly.
  • Deliver messages across owned digital and third-party applications.

Why choose SAS for better customer insight?

Today's customers are mobile and have more control over the purchasing process – which means retailers must rethink how to use customer data and insights from analytics to improve customer engagement. That's where SAS comes in.

Connect with your customers in real time

Engage and respond to customer needs instantly using contextual listening and advanced data integration to enhance both in-store and online shopping experiences.

Sell more

Understand what actions drive transactions and customer value. Know which message or offer is most relevant – and the best way to deliver it. Personalize interactions to drive the best performance. And integrate the experience across all touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

Spend less

A cross-channel approach enables you to spend less on customer acquisition than your competitors. Use predictive modeling as the basis for comprehensive integrated marketing to improve the outcomes of your marketing interactions.

Customer Success

Working smarter with SAS

  • Understanding customer preferences

    SAS helped a US women's specialty retailer:

    • Create stronger and more profitable customer relationships and boost customer satisfaction.
    • Improve data integration and analysis capabilities to get complete data about each customer's journey across all channels.
    • Use real-time data analysis to segment customers and create timely, relevant promotions.
  • Finding out how channels affect each other

    SAS helped a Japanese mail-order apparel and lifestyle goods company:

    • Provide more digital media to its customers via more online channels.
    • Shift away from traditional catalog shopping to receiving and handling orders across multiple channels.
    • Generate large volumes of digital marketing, which saves on printing and distribution costs.
  • Communicating with customers in real time

    SAS helped the second-largest online retailer in the UK:

    • Improve the customer experience and deliver personalized product offers to known customers across channels.
    • Segment anonymous customers by browser information, using open source technology to drive a personalized online experience at the lowest possible cost.
    • Easily access multiple data sources and quickly act on key information.

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