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Today’s consumers not only expect a lot from brands, they also capitalize on AI, IoT, mixed reality and other immersive and emerging tech. This puts tremendous pressure on marketing organizations to reinvent their operating models so they can act in the moment.

But if you think today’s consumer expectations are hard to meet, you haven’t seen anything yet. Tomorrow’s level of customer experience and personalization will need to be even smarter, more immersive, more trust-enabling. The question is, are brands and consumers ready?

This CX podcast series will answer that question and many more as we ponder the future of customer experience. Just click on any of the episodes below to start listening.

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Episode 1: Welcome to the Reimagine Marketing Podcast

In this debut episode of Reimagine Marketing, marketing pundits Steven Hofmans, Wilson Raj and Justin Theng dive into the key challenges that marketers are facing today, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on brands and customer loyalty.

Episode 2: Butcher Shop as Math House – Connecting with Tomorrow's Digital Consumer, Today

In this episode of Reimagine Marketing, Wilson Raj welcomes guest Bernard Marr, best-selling author, futurist and strategic business advisor. Wilson and Bernard discuss the impacts of disruptions (COVID-19, economic uncertainty, etc.) on consumer behaviors and CX trends and answer key questions about how the consumer engagements and brand relationships may be shifting or evolving in this new environment.

Episode 3: Experience 2030 – Future-Proof Your Customer Strategy

From an idea that started at a trashcan, Wilson Raj welcomes Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst and Founding Partner of Futurum Research, to discuss what the future of customer experience will look like and how technology will change the way we engage – with brands, with content and with each other.

Episode 4: Experience 2030 – Immersive Technology > Bridging the Customer Experience Divide

How immersive do people really want their tech to be? Consumers are dipping their toes in immersive technology, whether they even realize it or not. And the opportunities created for brands to engage with their consumers through Snapchat and Instagram filters, heads-up driving displays, and augmented reality shopping experiences. In this episode of the Reimagine Marketing podcast, Wilson Raj and Daniel Newman chat about how brands need to reinvent themselves to keep up with tech-savvy consumers.

Episode 5: Experience 2030 – Loyalty in the Digital Age

In this episode of the Reimagine Marketing podcast, Wilson Raj and Daniel Newman discuss how loyalty begins before a customer becomes – or even considers becoming – a customer. Wilson and Daniel showcase the Orlando Magic as an example of implied loyalty (recognition, engagement, transaction loyalty), and share examples of brands who use these loyalty types to infuse loyalty throughout the customer journey.

Episode 6: Experience 2030 – The Evolving Nature of Digital Trus‪t‬

There’s no doubt that the brands that can create personalized engagements with smart and immersive technologies will also boost both loyalty and profitability. But there’s a catch. Customers have some serious concerns about how their data is being used, stored and shared. In this episode of Reimagine Marketing,Wilson Raj and Daniel Newman discuss how brands can offer the perfect blend of trust and technology.

Episode 7: Experience 2030 – Actions for a New CX Operating Model

In this episode of Reimagine Marketing, Wilson Raj and Daniel Newman discuss one of the key goals of our Experience 2030 global research – to identify the buzzwords we’re all hearing and to identify what’s real and what’s not, what’s practical and what’s hype. This episode highlights some key actions brands can take NOW to prepare for customer experiences in the future.

What defines today’s customer experience, and how will consumers and brands evolve through the year 2030?  

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