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Maintaining product integrity and viability during cold chain storage and transportation

SAS® for Cold Chain Integrity

The cold chain logistics model is subject to growing regulatory and security requirements. This makes monitoring, tracking and optimizing the storage and transportation of biologics related to high-value biotech, pharma and other medical consumables increasingly difficult. SAS can help you overcome these challenges.

How SAS helps ensure cold chain integrity

We've combined the power of SAS Analytics for IoT and Azure IoT Services with Stress Engineering’s drug supply chain expertise to provide a cloud-based cold chain integrity solution for biologics that helps you maintain product quality, minimize losses and avoid potential regulatory violations.

Storage asset health

  • Maximize the performance of the capital asset you're using for storage.

Asset tracking & tracing

  • Create end-to-end transparency for key assets to drive data-enabled action across the supply chain.
  • Ensure the security of data in use with Azure Confidential Computing featuring AMD Infinity Guard SEV-SNP technology.

Product viability & integrity

  • Ensure the viability and integrity of products in storage.
    • Examine the temperature, humidity, location, pressure, light, orientation and shock data.
    • Generate alerts that factor in the magnitude and frequency of excursions to prevent waste and ensure biologic viability.


  • Dynamically optimize the cold chain to manage risk, improve efficiency and maximize value.
    • Analyze biologic supply across regions in conjunction with external data (weather, demand, COVID cases, etc.) in the area.
    • Trigger alerts when low supply is anticipated, and recommend alternative biologic sources from neighboring locations.

Maintaining COVID-19 vaccine integrity with streaming IoT data and advanced analytics

The North Carolina Collaboratory relies on SAS Analytics for IoT on Azure to harness the complex system of cold chain logistics, ensuring safe transport, storage and availability of COVID-19 vaccines statewide.

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